Seedy Strip to Hottest Block

via New York Post: With the way this city’s trends come and go, the hot new neighborhood could be just around the corner. Then again, it could be a ferry ride away. Here are five newly hip strips in and around the city to check out — before they lose their curb appeal.

Jersey City residents Ceylan Jasari and husband Yonus (both seated) wait to play pool at South House. Jennifer Brown

Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ

Bustling, car-free Newark Avenue is where Jersey City, NJ, urbanites and nearby suburbanites meet to eat and drink with room to breathe. Given that it’s a mere 15-minute PATH train ride from the World Trade Center, New Yorkers in the know are heading there, too.

“Newark Avenue was a huge pull for me,” says David Hohensee, house manager and owner of the multistoried South House (149 Newark Ave.; 201-209-1316). “The walkway builds community.” The restaurant serves dishes like okra and brisket, while downstairs patrons can lounge on couches with cocktails like the Cajun Queen (vodka, olive juice, a dash of hot sauce, Sriracha sea salt and a blue cheese-stuffed olive).


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