Interviews of Note: JCity Realty

CHICpeaJC recently interviewed Natalie Minard, a partner and Broker of Record at JCity Realty, and the team. Natalie has lived in JC for eighteen years lighting in multiple neighborhoods including Downtown, Journal Square, and the Heights. She still owns and invests in Jersey City. She discusses her fave JC eateries, how the city has changed of the… Continue reading Interviews of Note: JCity Realty

RDG enters Jersey City restaurant market in glorious fashion

via Brett Johnson/ NJ BIZ When Restaurant Development Group's trio of real estate experts were looking for inspiration for a new Jersey City restaurant, they found it in Spain. “Raval, this neighborhood in Barcelona, was once the seedy, down-by-the-port rough neighborhood,” RDG's Michael Garcia said. “It went through a renaissance and now this once-undesirable place has… Continue reading RDG enters Jersey City restaurant market in glorious fashion