JC Let’s Rock the Vote! #curbedcup

Jersey City had made it to the FINAL FOUR of this year’s Curbed Cup. We’re up against Prospect Heights so get to voting! VOTE

jerseycity-0-0Jersey City

We are, of course, talking about Jersey City—not a New York City neighborhood technically, but it may as well be, given the pace of development in the city.

And it’s held its own in this year’s Curbed Cup, positively trouncing the competition in the previous rounds (Greenpoint in round one; South Village in the Elite Eight). Even if some of our commenters are not too happy about its inclusion, clearly someone is.

 So what’s gotten it this far? Jersey City is drawing residents in droves, thanks to its plethora of available apartments (both rentals and condos), and its relative affordability compared to Manhattan. Add its burgeoning culture and dining scenes to that, and you have a place that’s poised to take it all as NYC’s (and parts adjacent) neighborhood of the year.

But the final decision is up to you: vote now for which neighborhood you think should advance to the finals.

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