Glen, Tea NJ, & You


Join musician and rockin’ cool guy Glen Coleman and friends–drum roll please–at Tea NJ located in downtown Jersey City. The jam starts at 2 pm on this coming Sunday, April 17th.

Glen will play for the first hour and will be sharing some brand-spanking new songs. Afterwards, you share your song, or create music with Glen, or you catch a buzz by just bein’ yo’self. Wine + Music + Friendship + Sunday afternoon.

You in?

About Glen

Glen’s music has been placed in independent films and plays and was recently featured on ABC World News programming. In January 2008, his single, “Something Better” from his recently released debut cd, “. . .before the crowd.” ranked number one for most requested song on Midnight Blues Radio. His song “Fish” also ranked best folk/roots song on Moozikoo Radio. Glen is currently promoting “. . .before the crowd,” produced by music veteran Dean Bailin. Glen’s music has inspired musical collaborations with a broad range of talented performers and artists. His recent collaborations include work with master slam poet, Dujuana Sharese; award winning classical saxophonist, Kevin Gosa; award winning performance artist, Christine Goodman; Irish troubadour, Matt Gibbons; and multi instrumentalist and vocalist, Dan McBride.

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