Check out Le Grand Bazaar JC Tonight!

tumblr_nlc1ylVTx51tmhinao1_1280Le Grand Bazaar JC offers all sorts of shopping entertainment for the Friday night  crowd at the Grove Street PATH Plaza in downtown Jersey City

What might you find? Certainly vintage clothes and vinyl records and Indian food and classic tee-shirts and used books and antiques, just to name a few things. But the beauty of Le Grand Bazaar is that we never know which vendors will show up from week-to-week. So there will be endless surprises in store for the shopper, old junk from people’s apartments, new things from overseas, items found in Jersey City’s best stores. It’s a Friday flea market free-for-all, and if you can say that fast three times, you win!

The market is held “weather-permitting” and you can check back on their website for market updates.

Hours are from 1 PM-9 PM, sometimes a bit longer in warm weather.

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