LSC Plans to Expand


via New Jersey Business

The Jersey City Redevelopment Agency (JCRA) this week officially designated Liberty Science Center as the master developer for 16 acres of city-owned land adjacent to Liberty Science Center. This is the first and significant step in a commitment to support Liberty Science Center as the premier not-for-profit interactive science and technology center in the region. The land that the city has committed to this project is valued at more than $20 million dollars.

“The City designating this land to Liberty Science Center is a major departure from past practices of selling property to private developers and instead speaks to the city’s commitment to growing Liberty Science Center as we create a world class city,” said Mayor Steven M. Fulop.

Advancing the Fulop Administration’s vision of making Jersey City a leader for job growth and a magnet for new industries, Mayor Fulop and Liberty Science Center President and Chief Executive Officer Paul Hoffman announced today an ambitious plan to create a comprehensive science and technology campus in Jersey City. The project, ‘SciTech Scity,’ would build the City’s sci-tech sector while also educating the next generation of students to become leaders in the fields of science and technology.

‘SciTech Scity,’ will be developed by the Liberty Science Center on 16-acres of city-owned property adjacent to the center and is planned to include a technology business incubator, a biotech lab, a light manufacturing space, a coding lab, and a grade school with a STEM focus (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), as well as a science-themed hotel and residences for visiting scientists.


1 thought on “LSC Plans to Expand”

  1. Well, well. So Mr. Fulop CAN work with non-profit organizations on community resources, and not just farm them out to for-profit companies like he’s trying to do with the Loew’s Jersey! Maybe he can channel this new found drive to “[depart] from past practices” into supporting the Loew’s as a non-profit community arts and entertainment center.

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