Owners Bringing New Spot to Newark Avenue

If there’s one thing we love, it’s authentic food. Whether the cuisine hails from Italy, an island in the Caribbean, or anywhere in the world really, we’re fans of traditional fare. One such restaurant that provided us just that was Hard Grove in Jersey City. According to hobokengirl.com as of a few days ago, Hard Grove announced that it was officially closed. Not to worry, loyal Hard Grove fans, the owners are already developing a new place on Newark Ave. Hard Grove showcased the best flavors from Cuba and featured brunch, lunch, and dinner menus filled with many popular Cuban dishes, as well as some classic delights that showcased the incredible work of owner Carmen Mendiola and chef Evelyn Padin, a James Beard Foundation Recipient. We’ll bring you more updates on the new place as developments continue, but read on to learn more about Hard Grove’s closure, plans for the new spot, and everything we will miss about this Jersey City gem.

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