Introducing the Artist Behind Some of the Largest Floral Designs in Hoboken

If you’ve ever taken a photo in front of City Bistro’s floral backdrop at brunch, or seen the gorgeous flowers creeping up the walls of Bond Salon in Hoboken, then you’re already familiar with Carolina Sardua’s work. According to Carolina is a local Hoboken resident and business owner of Alchemy by Carolina, a large-scale floral design company that she started in 2022.  Her designs are larger than life, bringing nature into local businesses and other unexpected places, and making people feel like they are surrounded by natural beauty. However, these pieces are highly curated, well-thought-out designs made out of silk flowers, put together by Carolina and her team of artists. Each piece is custom designed for the space that it is in, and each one looks like a magical work of artRead on to learn how Carolina started her business and ultimately blossomed into her more authentic self.

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