Jersey City Ranked 5th in US for Having The Best Sandwiches

Whether you say sub or hoagie, pork roll or Taylor ham, we can all agree that we love our sandwiches here in New Jersey. And on National Sandwich Day (November 3rd), we’re especially excited to see a recent sandwich study that placed Jersey City at the top. In a study conducted by Apartmentguide, Jersey City ranked fifth on the list of best cities for sandwich lovers in the US. The study considered 700 cities and towns with a population over 50,000 people and looked at the number of sandwich shops as well as the quality of the sandwiches served. In the end, 50 cities made the list — and we’re thrilled to see Jersey City getting recognition for its awesome sandwiches, especially on National Sandwich Day. Read on to learn more about why Jersey City was ranked one of the best cities for sandwich lovers — along with some sandwich articles to check out to celebrate the holiday. 

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