New Jersey Labor Day Parade led by Girl Scouts who boycotted cookie sales to fight child labor

Steve Hockstein | For NJ Advance

When members of Girl Scout Troop 12026 in Jersey City learned in January that child labor was used to produce the palm oil in cookies they sold, the troop sacrificed whatever funds they might have raised and boycotted last winter’s annual cookie sale, calling on their organization’s national leaders to find a substitute for the tainted ingredient.

The troop was honored by the American Labor Museum in Haledon for its selfless stance against the exploitation of children in palm oil production at the Labor Day Parade.

“It’s just a beautiful thing, and we’re all working together for the same reason, and we really appreciate it,” Troop 12026′s leader, Gina Verdibello said. “And the girls have learned so much about advocacy and standing up for a cause. And to me, that’s more important than selling cookies.”


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