Hoboken’s Mile Square E.L.C Expands Preschool Transition Program

A popular program designed to effectively prepare children for entrance into Hudson County’s pre-kindergarten curriculum will be available to a larger group of parents than ever before. Mile Square Early Learning Center (MSELC), a provider of pre-kindergarten 3 and 4 year old educational programs in Hoboken, has announced an expansion of its Preschool Transition Program with additional classrooms added in the Rue building located at 301 Garden Street, Hoboken.

“The Preschool Transition Program is unquestionably one of our most sought-after resources for parents, and most years there’s a long wait list for admittance,” said Program Director Madelyn Bautista. “With demand so high, we’ve been able to expand the program and offer more opportunities for parents seeking an affordable option for children to learn and grow until they can enroll in Pre-K 3 programs in various cities in Hudson County.”

Until now, the Preschool Transition Program has long been utilized by parents of a small group of families who wanted to provide their children an early introduction to preschool with a staff of skilled educators within Mile Square ELC. The program utilizes a fun, theme-based learning model with children using blocks to learn balancing, measuring, and geometric as well as math concepts. Sand and water table play enable children to learn about pouring, measuring, science etc. Puppets, dolls, housekeeping and dramatic play are used to encourage creativity and to develop language skills. Tools of the Mind, used by the Hoboken Board of Education, for the 3 and 4 year old students has some of the elements integrated into the Preschool Transition Program to blend the programs effectively.

The Preschool Transition Program will grow from 1 classroom to 4 that will be fully equipped with a wide range of educationally appropriate materials, books and other important educational resources. In addition to providing children the tools to enhance math and science skills by using their classroom environment, weather charts, graphs, and surveys, there’s also daily outdoor activities and special trips to allow students to expand their experiences.

Enrollment has already begun for the Fall 2021 MSELC Preschool Transition Program which is open to children who miss the cutoff date for preschool in Hoboken, Jersey City, Weehawken and other local Hudson County former Abbott municipalities. Children whose parents work in the area will also be eligible.

The program, which runs Monday to Friday from 7:30AM to 6:00PM is offered to children 2.5 to 3.5 years old who will turn 3 after the September 30 cutoff for Public School. It will also be available to four-year old children in municipalities that don’t offer a preschool option. In addition, there are 4 options for the length of the day so that each family can tailor their child’s care to their needs. Families may also choose a 10 or 12 month option.

For additional program information, rates and how to register your child, please visit http://www.mselc1979.org or call 201-659-6086. Although there is no deadline for enrollment in the Mile Square Early Learning Center Preschool Transition Program; However, space is limited and will be available on a first come first basis. In addition, many families ask about access to rolling over into the Hoboken Public School’s Early Childhood Program so we are providing information here about the registration process for that program.

The Hoboken Early Childhood program is only for Hoboken residents, but Hudson County has 5 former Abbott (Early Childhood) Districts. In addition to Hoboken they are West New York, Union City, Jersey City and Harrison. The registration process for each school district is independent from the Mile Square ELC Transition program and separate from one another. Registration for entrance to one of the former Abbott District’s Early Childhood Program usually begins in March or April for the next school year. When the time comes for your child to leave us, families should refer to their school district website for exact information on registration for their school district.

About Mile Square Early Learning Center

Mile Square Early Learning Center, established in 1979, offers neighborhood children and their

parents daily, dependable, and safe early childhood educational experiences in the Hoboken

Public School District Early Childhood Program.

During this first year of the Preschool Transition Program, the Summer 2021, will have a

few classrooms at a discounted rate for families who need services.

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