Places in Jersey City to Work From Home

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on

Here is a list of places around Jersey City to enjoy when working from home.

  • Café Madelaine | 34 Coles Street, Jersey City
  • Choc o Pain |330-332 Palisade Avenue, Jersey City
  • Dames Coffee Espresso Bar | 581 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City
  • Froth on Franklin | 85 Franklin Street, Jersey City
  • Lackawanna Coffee | 295 Grove Street, Jersey City + 140 Bay Street, Jersey City
  • The Jersey City Free Public Library 472 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City
  • Andco | 201 Montgomery Street, Jersey City
  • Indiegrove | 121 Newark Avenue, Jersey City
  • WorkSocial | 111 Town Square Place, Jersey City

Whether you want a place where you can grab a coffee, or something more on the quiet side, these locations will make working from home extra special.

Credits: The Hoboken Girl

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