Local Clothing Company and Law Enforcement Join Hands in Helping the Hungry

Joseph Abboud Clothing Company Teams Up With Jersey City Police Department to Ensure Meals Are Provided To Those In Need

According to CBS, a popular clothing company and law enforcement are teaming up to help hungry families and kids in Jersey City.

The clothing company, Joseph Abboud, donated 10,000 meals, one for every order placed on his website. They then teamed up with the Jersey City Police Department to help start distributing the meals on Wednesday morning. Jersey City Police went door to door handing out meal kids to locals in need.

“We thought that this was an opportunity to change what is typically a negative occasion when police come to your house into a positive,” said Jameel Spencer, WHP Global’s chief marketing officer.

Inside each box you’ll find meats, pastas, vegetables, and even desserts, lasting a family up to four meals. A dozen boxes were dropped off to one house, alone. Since the pandemic started and children were not given the opportunity to eat during regular school hours, these locals have become heroes to many families in the Jersey City neighborhood.

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