JC Filmmakers Meetup & Casting Call

78ba3259-8d99-41c9-b129-af4444f6add6The Archer, Wed Dec 14, 7-9pm

The Archer will be hosting the holiday meetup on Wednesday, December 14 from 7-9pm. On offer, drink specials and holiday cheer. Please sign up at the eventbrite link:

Please also see below a casting notice for a paid movie roll shooting next year.

Brie, mid 25-35, Hispanic, a suburban rich kid. She’s directionless and too old to still be taking mommy and daddy’s money, which she does.
PAID and shooting in 2017, Sci-Fi Comedy Feature-Length Film
Email john@littleknifemedia.com with link to your work or photo/resume

If you haven’t connected to us on Facebook or twitter, please do so. The Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/groups/jerseycityfilmmakers/ and some of the founders are on twitter… @pearlmovie , @lesleyshannon , @danaMpatton . You can also give friends our group email address JCfilmmakersMU@gmail.com if they would like to be added to future updates.

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