Jersey City #1 Most Livable City

2016-11-01_13-15-45via SmartAsset – City dwellers can get pretty riled up when extolling the virtues of their chosen city. Just try talking to any New Yorker. But have you ever wondered how your city compares to others in practical factors like housing costs, crime and walkability? In other words, which cities in the United States are the most livable? We at SmartAsset were curious so we ran the numbers on 93 of the biggest cities in the country. Read on to see what we found out.

1. Jersey City, New Jersey

Jersey City snagged the title as the most livable city in the United States. Of the 93 cities in our study, it has the third-highest population density, third-highest income after housing and is fourth in walkability. Because of the city’s proximity to New York, a person living there can easily work in Manhattan (where the jobs tend to be higher paying), while enjoying the lower living costs associated with Jersey City. Jersey City residents have $35,452 on average to play with after housing costs.

Check out our budget calculator.


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