Call for Musicians for Grand Opening

2016-08-16_13-23-47Reception: Friday, September 9th 7:00pm – 10:00pm We are a part JC Fridays!

We would like to have a music mix running in the background during our Grand Opening Weekend starting on JC Friday, September 9th through Sunday the 11th. Again over JCAST weekend in October – and we want to highlight Jersey City musicians! We will also feature them on our Facebook site and a printout to ensure that people know what bands were featured and how to reach out to them.

Theme of Art Show: #jerseycitymakeityours
Musicians need to be currently from Jersey City.

Please include the following in your submission to or
• MP3s with titles
• Contact name
• Name of band and musicians
• Address
• Phone
• Email address
• Blurb on the band
Or if you only have CDs – not a problem! Just reach out to us and we will make it happen!




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