Gothamist Tours JC

THE ARCHER (Photo:Clay Williams/Gothamist)

Brian Hoffman at visited recently to eat and drink his way through our fait city.

Jersey City is not the shore or the suburbs—it’s practically New York City. Condos are rising, Citibikes are installed, and exciting restaurant and bars continue to open in what many are now calling the sixth borough. We could be NYC snobs and choose to ignore the exciting culture out in JC, but then we’d miss out on a treasure trove of interesting dining and drinking options.

Jersey City is actually a large metropolis, so it’s impossible to cover all the great food in the many neighborhoods in one article. So for this article we will concentrate on the best places to eat and drink in the downtown area of Jersey City. It’s just a quick PATH train ride away and for those who work in NYC and actually live in Jersey City, here are some old and new discoveries to keep you well-fed.


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