WSJ names Jersey City “Wine City, N.J.”!




When a town or a neighborhood experiences a “renaissance,” it usually happens in a series of waves: first come the artists, then the developers and finally the restaurants and shops. Eventually, someone will open a wine store. In fact, the presence of a shop with a good selection of bottles may be the best indication of an area’s full blossoming.

Bryan Thomas for The Wall Street Journal
Mattias Gustafsson, the owner of Madame Claude Wine store, is part of a wine renaissance in Jersey City.

The renaissance of Jersey City has been well documented; its growth as a wine city is less widely known. After a few visits, I’m happy to report that a Jersey City wine renaissance appears to be well under way.

Of course, a wine renaissance can occur only where there is already an appreciation of good food, and there are two particularly successful pairings in Jersey City right now: Madame Claude Café and Madame Claude Wine and, a few doors down on Jersey Avenue, Thirty Acres restaurant and Jersey Wine & Spirits.

Madame Claude’s proprietors are Mattias Gustafsson and Alice Troietto, a husband and wife team. The couple has owned their small bistro for years, and recently decided to open a wine shop as well. The landlord of the wine shop wanted Mr. Gustafsson to open a restaurant in the location, but Mr. Gustafsson wanted to open a wine shop instead. He liked the bistro’s Fourth Street location, though it’s a 10-minute or so walk from his wine store.


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