Candle Making in New Jersey: The Ultimate Fall Activity

For anyone looking for a fun weekend activity, a unique birthday party idea, or a way to put your candle obsession to use: we’ve got you covered. There are a ton of interactive (and BYOB) candle-making classes located within an hour of Hudson County that are just the right vibe for a fall or winter activity. Each class will leave you with a beautiful candle that not only smells delicious but is also a great gift for the holidays. Candles have become increasingly popular for their ambience, home decoration, and fragrance. And luckily, the process of making candles is fairly simple — and the method and tools used to construct them are as simple today as they were five thousand years ago. The Hoboken Girl has rounded up a list of places where you can take candle-making classes in and near New Jersey. Keep reading to learn more about the candle-making process and where you can learn how to make your own poured candles, the ultimate fall activity.

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