What To Do This Fourth of July Weekend In Jersey City

It’s impossible to be bored in Jersey City, and this Fourth of July weekend is not different.

There are plenty of virtual and in-person events happening throughout the weekend of July 1, here are a few to get you started!

Thursday 7/1

The Art of Ukrainian Embroidery Exhibit & illustrative Lecture

An exhibit of traditional heirloom Ukrainian embroideries & illustrative lecture is being presented by the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America, Branch 98.

The exhibit will include a display of beautiful traditional embroideries: women’s & men’s clothing; costumes; pillows; and other assorted embroidered articles. These embroideries represent the uniqueness of regional motifs, designs/stitches, and colors.

Friday 7/2

Date Night Candle Making | First Thursdays & Fridays

ReWax & UnWine is a candle making experience, where you create your own signature scented candles!

Saturday 7/3

Weekends at The Hive

Sunday 7/4

Jersey City’s 4th of July “Freedom and Fireworks” Show

New Jersey’s largest fireworks display is returning to Jersey City this year with the “Freedom and Fireworks” display.

4th of July Fireworks Food Festival

The Jersey City Fireworks and Food Festival is being hosted on Montgomery Street at the Exchange Place PATH Plaza!

All information has been credited to Patch.

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