Jersey City Voters Must Decide on New Arts and Culture Trust Fund Implementation

Come the November election, Jersey City voters will have the opportunity to deicde whether or not the city implements a new tax to fund local arts and culture. If passed, the tax would amount to two cents for every $100 of assessed value and its revenue.

Mayor Steve Fulop, has vocalized support for the local arts and culture fund, after originally cancelling the public question on the ballot back in April due to the pandemic. Eventually, Mayor Fulop and the City Council decided to move forward with the referendum despite the pandemic-related budget challenges.

“A vote ‘yes’ on Election Day for that small fee will collectively go a long way for the future of Jersey City’s dynamic culture, strengthening our vibrant arts scene and ultimately invigorating the community as a whole” Fulop said. “Now more than ever, we need to establish sustainable fiscal models to provide a strong foundation for our unique arts and culture to grow and thrive, now and for future generations to come.”

The Arts and Culture Trust Fund would support creative and cultural activities, including fine arts, music, dance, graphic design, film, digital media, architecture and urban design, and other mediums.

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