Vigil | Photography by Joe Velez

29177792_10156339590498324_5164155302458687488_nArtist Reception on Friday, March 30th from 7 PM – 9 PM 

389 Washington Boulevard, Jersey City, New Jersey. A hop, skip, and a jump from the Pavonia-Newport Light Rail Station and Grove Street.

Exhibition will be up through April.

• • • Artist Bio
Joe Velez has been a visual artist for almost 20 years. Although his main focus has been painting and drawing, he has recently widened his scope to include theatrical sound design, videography and Photography.

‘VIGIL’ is his first exhibition of photographs since taking up the art form. It includes prints from both digital and vintage film cameras. Joe views photography as an extention of his other work, yet as the antithesis of it. Whereas a painting is an accumulation of the time spent creating it, a photograph depicts an instant fraction of a second. Recorded either electronically or chemically, not by hand, but (to put it somewhat romantically) by the eye itself.

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