Art Show Opening #jerseycity #art

2016-10-18_10-02-36Timothy David Lang: Blended Recent Works Opening Reception at 107 Bowers Gallery & ArtSpace

November 4th
Opening Reception 6pm – 10pm

Timothy David Lang’s paintings investigate contrast and dichotomy between color and imagery. His divided surfaces allow the compositions to evolve through intentional manipulation of surface and space. The right panel is composed of multiple layers of gestural mark-making and lines that capture the physicality of painting. The left panel is a minimalist color field structured of subtle washes and layers.

Side by side, the panels combine facets of realism, abstraction, and minimalism. Lang’s intention is to capture the excitement and conditions of experience while simultaneously creating rest. These works deal with complexity and simplicity, animation and atmosphere, and the neutrality of transitional counterbalance.

November 4th – December 2nd
November 4th
Opening Reception 6pm – 10pm

December 2nd
Closing Reception 6pm – 10pm

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