You’re Invited …

…. to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of Modern Sage on Saturday, October 22nd.


Per owner Leah Guy, the day will offer henna, chocolate, hugs, and plenty of free samples.

Modern Sage is located at 351 Second Street in downtown Jersey City.

About Modern Sage (from their website)

Modern Sage is a healing center and retail boutique located in downtown Jersey City, NJ. We offer high quality goods and services for the mind, body and spirit. If local, stop by for weekly classes, workshops or therapeutic healing services. Or, shop our store online for exclusive products including aura sprays, 100% natural candles, chakra balancing oils and much more. We can’t wait until every household lives the Modern Sage lifestyle. And at the prices we offer, that day is going to be here faster than ever.

Owner, Leah Guy is a down-to-earth health educator with an extensive background in holistic living. An artist, inspirational speaker, yogi and on-camera TV personality, she folds in 20-plus years of energy healing and nutritional studies alongside an intuitive approach to wellness that creates a healing space that is unique and transformative. Leah teaches workshops around the country on topics such as holistic integration, meditation, addiction, spiritual healing, natural skincare and chakra/energy medicine.

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