Let’s Celebrate!


I’ve often had the thought, “If anything ever happens to me in Jersey City, Joyce Davison will be the first person I’d call.”.  Joyce is a JC force to be reckoned with. Her compassion, energy, focus, and drive along with her extensive contact list are formidable.

So, when I saw that Grace Community Services (GCS) was planning a party to celebrate Joyce’s 80th birthday, I had to get my tickets stat.

Thanks to the Joyce’s hard work and creativity, GCS has served thousands of breakfasts to food insecure and homeless people for over 20 years. Not only that, GCS has also provided a week day morning haven for seniors with wellness programs, opportunities for self-expression, companionship and fun. What would Jersey City be like without Joyce?!

Joyce’s 8oth birthday event is on Friday, October 21st. She doesn’t want presents, but there is a gift that is sure to make her happy: a stable foundation for GCS. Can you help raise $30,000 for GCS so it can continue for another 20 years?

Make a donation and celebrate Joyce’s birthday on Friday, October 21st starting at 6:30 pm. Get your tickets HERE.  $50

Let’s make it one of Joyce’s best birthdays every!

(GCS is a not-for-profit charitable org so all donations are tax deductible).

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