No Peeking Theater


The V. Lucas Cycle is an experience in which the audience is immersed in witnessing the life cycle of an exceptional character. The show will be presented this weekend by Art House Productions. Click HERE for tix.

V. Lucas is a wonderful writer, receiving support, accolades, and seemingly leading a successful life. Not withstanding too many hardships that are out of the ordinary, V. Lucas experiences the same emotional milestones we all come across at some point : abandonment, passion, pride, rebellion, love etc. And much like all of us, V. Lucas is plagued by something from within.

Created and Designed By
Gahlia Eden: Atmosphere and Dialogue
Patricia Kositzky: Scentscape
Nerissa Tutiven: Touch Tech
Joe Velez: Soundscape

No Peeking is a unique theatrical experience. This immersive theatre takes the element of sight away while plunging the audience into a sensory world of fragrance, soundscape, atmospheric, and tactile design.

* Content suitable for 14 years +

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