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2016-03-08_13-33-50Sure there is a slew of Easter events about to happen in Jersey City, but here is a great one to consider! On Sunday, March 20th at 6pm, Music director Christopher Greene of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church will present the “Easter” portion of Handle’s Messiah*.

A new 16-voice choir, the St. Paul’s Singers, will be accompanied by a nine-piece orchestra from Con Vivo Music. Soloists are Darlene Southard Wyzga, soprano; Allison Gish, contralto; David Kellett, tenor; and James Splond, bass.

And for sure, we’re all used to the Hallelujah Chorus, from the Easter section, as the closer at Christmas Messiah concerts, but wouldn’t it be fun to hear it in its original context? And I’m not saying that you couldn’t also just Google some performance on YouTube, but really, you cannot beat hearing it performed live and in person!

Buy your tickets online today for only $20. Don’t miss this outstanding performance!

*I know you’re thinking “dead white dude” right about now, but honestly, Messiah puts the classic in Classical.

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