Fulop and Sierra Club Rally TODAY


From The New Jersey Sierra Club and the Sierra Club Hudson County Network:

We are having a rally to support President Obama’s historic action to fight climate disruption and oppose New Jersey PSE&G’s coal-fired power plants that emit thousands of pounds of toxic pollution every year! These plants cause asthma attacks and put people with heart problems, lung problems and children at risk. In Jersey City, the PSE&G Hudson power plant has been rated #2 on the NAACP’s list of top environmental justice offenders. We have successfully ended 5 new and existing coal plants in N.J., and we need to close Hudson before it does any more harm to our communities. That’s why we are joining together with Mayor Fulop, environmental organizations, and community leaders to end this plant!

The EPA Clean Power Plan requires states to put in place their own plan to reduce emissions. We are going to need Governor Christie to protect the around 530 people in New Jersey who die each year from coal related deaths. In addition, there are 445 hospitalizations and 987 heart attacks in New Jersey from coal plants that could be prevented.

The Clean Power Plan will reduce carbon emissions at coal-fired power plants in New Jersey and many others in surrounding states that contribute to our poor air quality. It will also increase development of clean energy that we need to move away from these dirty coal plants. But because this represents a threat to fossil fuel interests, we need to fight back and confirm PSE&G and the Christie Administration will commit to this historic action. On August 4th, we are asking you to show them that we want to be able to breathe a bit easier in Jersey City.

Join Mayor Fulop and the Sierra Club to RALLY and show we support closing the Hudson plant in Jersey City! The fossil fuel industry is counting on you to stay home instead of coming out to support the most meaningful action any world leader has taken on climate.

Here are the event details:

WHAT: CLOSE Hudson Power Plant Rally to support President Obama’s and the EPA’s Clean Power Plan

WHO: Mayor Fulop, environmental organizations, community leaders, and YOU!

WHEN: Tuesday, August 4th at 2:00 PM

WHERE: Leonard Gordon Park, Jersey City, New Jersey

RSVP: Sierra Club Hudson County Area Network Facebook Page (Please like our new page!)
or contact Toni Granato at 609-656-7612 or toni.granato@sierraclub.org

Please Join us on Tuesday August 4th at 2PM to show your support and learn how you can make sure our region is leading the way on Clean Energy and Clean Air!

Thanks for all you do to protect the environment,

The New Jersey Sierra Club & Sierra Club Hudson County Area Network

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