A Curious Matter, Indeed

LeB_JCmuseum-187x279This past weekend, JC FYI happened upon Curious Matter for the first time. Specifically, the delightful (and not just because we’re suckers for a fez and a handlebar ‘stache) Le Bouquiniste

Le Bouquiniste is a mobile kiosk featuring books, prints, broadsides, chapbooks, zines – all work of small & independent presses. Inspired in part by the booksellers along the Seine in Paris and 4th Avenue in New York, Le Bouquiniste was created to expand the audience and scope of work Curious Matter presents. They are championing tangible interactions with art and literature along with the sense of discovery that thoughtful browsing offers. Le Bouquiniste debuted at the Jersey City Museum in 2010 and serves as a traveling ambassador for Curious Matter.

Curious Matter is a contemporary art gallery located at 272 Fifth Street in Jersey City. According to their website:

2015-04-21_11-31-06Exhibitions evidence the pursuit to understand and articulate individual and collective experience of the world, real or imagined. We examine fantastic notions, confounding ideas and audacious thoughts. We offer exhibition and curatorial opportunities to artists at all career stages. Our inquiry-based group shows are a cornerstone of our program. Each exhibition theme serves as a departure point–artworks may intersect with the subject under investigation in myriad ways, explicit and covert. Curious Matter also publishes catalogues, artist monographs and broadsides.

If you are curious, visit soon!

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