Introducing ParenTheses

2014-12-10_13-02-02In-depth reports on your local JC primary schools

ParenTheses is a new service to help parents find the right local primary school for their children. To assist parents in their school choice, ParenTheses has developed ~30-page reports on our local Jersey City primary schools based on individual interviews with parents who have children enrolled at the schools.

ParenTheses founder and local JC parent, Rubina Zaidi, says “by gathering detailed and helpful parental feedback, our goal is to help parents narrow down the list of schools that they are considering, and even add contenders that may not have been on their radar, so that they can find the school that resonates the most with them. By doing so, we save parents considerable time and effort, potential application and tuition fees, as well as the uncertainty and stress often experienced during the school selection process.”

School reports are available for a fee and may be purchased through the website for a specific school or a group of schools by clicking on any “Access School Report” button on the Parent Insight tab of any school page. In addition to school reports, ParenTheses offers a wealth of information on our local schools for free. Parents can access the site’s full functionality by creating an account.

Please visit ParenTheses to learn more and subscribe to our email list, and like ParenTheses on Facebook to follow posts on completed school reports, new parent insights, FAQs, and admissions timeline events added to the site and other relevant information on our local primary schools.

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