Jersey City – Make It Yours!

2014-10-23_11-01-48via Stuart Elliott/ The New York Times

Jersey City, once described as “an unfashionable town named after an unfashionable state,” has been having a moment lately, deemed “much transformed” from “a scruffy ne’er-do-well” into “a gentrifying bedroom community.” Now, to keep that momentum going, the city is teaming with the Jersey City Economic Development Corporation for a campaign meant to encourage more people to consider Jersey City as a place to live, visit and locate businesses.

The campaign, to begin this week, seeks to further burnish the image of Jersey City, which is benefiting from an increase in residential real estate construction, the arrival of businesses like Starbucks and the relocation there of companies like Forbes Media, which has been in Manhattan since its founding in 1917.


One goal of the campaign is “sustaining our growth, increasing our growth, over a period of time,” says Mayor Steven M. Fulop of Jersey City, a former bond trader, Marine and city councilman, who was elected last year.

There are 6,000 units of housing under construction and an additional 12,000 planned “in the next two years,” he adds, meaning that the city needs to find “50, 60, 70,000 people who want to move to Jersey City” and make it “a long-term home.”

“It’s a good problem,” Mr. Fulop says.


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