NY Waterway’s New App

2014-06-12_11-08-26via Wilson Conde/NJ.com

Bytemark, a mobile ticketing company, has launched the second version of its New York Waterway mobile app, allowing ferry commuters to better plan and pay for boat trips right from their smart phones.

The new app can be downloaded on all smart phones that use iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems.

Bytemark launched the original NYWW app in January 2012 in order to reduce long lines and waiting times for getting commuters onto the ferry boats, Bytemark Chief Operations Officer Jessie Wachtel said.

Since then, the NYWW app has processed more than 2 million ticket sales, received 190,000 downloads, and gained 83,000 active users, Wachtel said.

The updated app is more convenient and consumer friendly because of its “Smart Tile” home screen, which brings together all the relevant information NYWW customers frequently search, such as schedules, trip planning, ticket search and purchasing.

The new app will also feature an interactive map showing where ferry boats are, when the next boat is scheduled to arrive, and which buses will take customers to the ferry boats, Wachtel said.

In addition, the app’s new version will have an auto-renewal feature, which allows monthly customers to automatically have the monthly ferry service charges deducted from their credit or debit cards at the beginning of each month, Wachtel added.

About 25 percent of NYWW ferry riders currently use Bytemark’s mobile ticketing app, a number Wachtel said Bytemark would like to see increase as a result of the new app’s extra features.

“We’re trying to save consumers some time so they don’t have to buy a ticket every month,” he said. “We hope that our user base will grow.”

To prevent people from forging its mobile tickets, Bytemark has created a series of backgrounds, colors, and images that NYWW can mix and match on its tickets on different days, Wachtel said.

“Imagine I give you a logo and a choice of 20 colors,” he said. “Basically, we created and gave them the tools set to control their own security.”

Wachtel added that Bytemark is proud of the convenience it offers to NYWW customers in paying for their tickets and hopes to provide the same services to users of mass transit systems across the country, and perhaps around the world.

“We think it’s a great service because it’s convenient and easy-to-use for the consumer,” he said.

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