Actors Shakespeare Company at NJCU Seeking Donations to Fund The Winter’s Tale Production

via Jersey City Independent

Winters TaleThe Actors Shakespeare Company of New Jersey is seeking help from the public to stage its upcoming production of William Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale.

As many Shakespeare fans know, the show is known for being considered by some a “problem play” (for its mix of tragedy and comedy) as well as the source of the Bard’s most famous stage direction, “Exit, pursued by a bear.” As Artistic/Education Director Colin Ryan says, “The Winter’s Taleis a play that has something for everyone — there’s high tragedy, low comedy, there’s court intrigue, rustic celebrations, singing, dancing, jealousy, love, people who really mean well and do terrible harm and people who mean not so well and they’re the ones who save the day. Plus, a guy gets eaten by a bear. I don’t think you can lose.”

Along with Director Bethany Reeves, General Manager Jennifer America and Music Director Anthony Bez, Ryan pleads with theater lovers to contribute to their IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign, which was very recently launched. As of publication, they’ve raised $100 of their $10,000 goal and have until March 19 to raise the remainder; otherwise, the project won’t receive any funds from its backers.

In return for contributions, funders will receive certain rewards including a sonnet or Shakespearean insult delivered to the person of your choice by one of ASC’s actors and other perks for $50; an ASC coffee mug, signed production photo and more for $100; and even a private fencing lesson or monologue coaching session with an ASC artist for $1,000.

The company, based at New Jersey City University and the West Side Theater, describes the play as such: A jealous tyrant, a queen on trial, two simple shepherds, young romance, a divine oracle, a singing con-man and one hungry, hungry bear make The Winter’s Tale a magical journey of loss, renewal, and the promise of Spring.

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