TMYK: WFMU Edition

Get a tax credit in return for your old car! WFMU seeks donations of used vehicles from any state in the U.S. and in any state of disrepair. Call 1-855-WFMU-CAR (855-936-8227) to arrange for vehicle pick-up (it’s free). It’s a great way to help your favorite Jersey City freeform radio station earn a few bucks,… Continue reading TMYK: WFMU Edition

Join the Fun! Enter the WFMU/Free Music Archives Premix Contest!

The Free Music Archive presents another wild and crazy contest for you creative types: a Premix Contest! Punk band the Vitamin Pets have offered up 69 random stems from their yet-to-be-released album and challenge YOU to produce a unique work that builds upon stems from songs you haven't heard yet--not to remix, but to premix. Download… Continue reading Join the Fun! Enter the WFMU/Free Music Archives Premix Contest!