More millennials buying homes without parents’ help

Younger homeowners are increasingly buying first homes, without the Bank of Mom and Dad. Sometimes they go it alone out of a desire for independence; sometimes it’s a reflection of their parents’ financial realities. Whatever the reason, area real estate agents say the trend speaks well of millennial homebuyers. According to the National Association of Realtors, millennials were the… Continue reading More millennials buying homes without parents’ help

NJ “Gold Coast” Building Boom

Another report up on NJ.Com by Kathryn Brenzel on the NJ "Gold Coast" building boom. Manhattan's view of New Jersey is about to dramatically change, and according to developers, the whims of millennials are partially responsible. Urban areas, especially along the Gold Coast, are experiencing a renaissance of sorts, due to an uptick in major… Continue reading NJ “Gold Coast” Building Boom